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Important Digital Resources in the Age of Hybrid College Recruitment

StudentBridge Staff November, 21, 2022

The challenges brought by the pandemic have led universities to embrace hybrid college recruitment, which prioritizes everyone's safety while ensuring a smooth and convenient recruitment process. However, it can be hard to recruit students remotely – if you want to increase college enrollment, you'll need quite a few technological cards up your sleeve.

Luckily enough, we're here to put our cards on the table so you can equip your recruitment efforts as you see fit. Below, we'll share the top four must-have digital resources in the age of hybrid college recruitment and dig into how these can help you welcome more students to campus next semester.

1. Interactive Maps

To gain a competitive advantage over other colleges and universities, you'll need interactive campus maps. Whether prospective students can't visit a campus because of time, money, or safety concerns, you can still engage with them. Reliable interactive campus maps like the one we offer at StudentBridge allow interested students to explore your campus virtually and get a feel for what their student life would be like if they enrolled in your college or university.

From embedded videos and 360-degree photos to comprehensive descriptions, you'll have the necessary tools to showcase the strengths and beauty of your campus so prospective students can properly envision themselves there. As a result, more incoming college students will be excited to enroll in your institution.

These interactive maps also allow you to share your college's unique and compelling story. For instance, if you're known for your STEM programs, you can utilize your interactive map to highlight labs and other spaces where students conduct research, experiments, and more.

Regardless of your school's story, these interactive maps will allow prospective students to envision their lives on your grounds; the more compelling and immersive this daydream is for them, the more likely you'll receive an application.

2. Self-Guided Tours

Among students, 81% consider campus visits to be an essential factor in their search for colleges. However, prospective students might not be able to visit campuses in person due to conflicts in schedule, overbooking, and other constraints. This is where self-guided tours come in. At StudentBridge, we have a Campus Visit Experience specially designed to highlight your campus remotely.

3. Virtual Event Space

Virtual event platforms are among the must-have digital resources in the age of hybrid college recruitment. Expand past the limitations of traditional in-person events by giving prospective students and their families the best possible virtual experience.

Whether creating impactful video vignettes or embedding other important and eye-catching content, StudentBridge has the virtual event solutions you need to increase student attendance and boost enrollment. Plus, with a distraction-free virtual event space, you can continue engaging with your students online and schedule the necessary follow-ups.

4. Video Viewbook

More incoming college students are using virtual campus visits as one of the major factors for their application decisions. Given that they can visit different schools online, you need to make a great first impression. StudentBridge's immersive Video Viewbook allows you to showcase the best of your institution.

With beautiful video storytelling of your university, you can establish an emotional connection with your potential students and provide them with a complete perspective of your school. This will allow you to gain their trust and confidence in your college, increasing the odds of them sending you an application.

Increasing Enrollment Rates in the Age of Hybrid College Recruitment

To increase enrollment rates in the age of hybrid college recruitment, you'll need digital resources like interactive campus maps, self-guided tours, virtual event platforms, social engagement platforms, and video viewbooks. Fortunately, StudentBridge offers all of the above with apps that strengthen marketing, communication, and relationships with your prospective students.

At StudentBridge, we have been helping educational institutions achieve their enrollment goals through customized solutions for years. Check out our webinars to learn about our insider tips for converting more potential students.

Contact StudentBridge today to learn how our services can increase enrollment on your campus.

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