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StudentBridge Webinars

Join us for our monthly webinars featuring select University partners discussing relevant topics.

Learning Session

Unlock campus visits that

In this on-demand virtual learning session, discover actionable strategies to convert more campus visitors — before, during, and after the tour.

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Getting Down to the Wire: How to Proactively Answer Your Admits' Toughest Questions

What if you could answer your admits' questions before they even ask?

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Put Your Analytics to Work: 5 Ways to Use Data to Yield Your Class

Is your admit data creating confusion or confidence?

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Get Better Results: 5 Creative Strategies to Maximize Your Campus Visit Team

Are your campus visitors being herded or converted?

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Don't Get Left Behind: Win the Enrollment Race with an Omni-Channel Approach

Is your communication plan scattered or strategic?

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Don't Put Visitors to Sleep: 5 Virtual Events Best Practices That Convert

Is your virtual visit monotonous or mind-blowing?

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6 Strategy Tweaks to Yield Your Class

Is it time to stay put or pivot?

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How to Best Communicate your School's Value

Is your messaging repetitive or refreshing?

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Stop Wasting Time & Money: Start Converting More Prospects

A lack of data about prospective students can prevent many enrollment teams from having enough information to make educated marketing decisions when targeting graduate school..

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Personalization: Where It Can Begin and Where It Can Go

"Personalization" for colleges means just putting names in emails, the duplicate emails they send to thousands of prospects who are all different and at different points in their..

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