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Personalization: Where It Can Begin and Where It Can Go

StudentBridge Staff October 13, 2022

"Personalization" for colleges means just putting names in emails, the duplicate emails they send to thousands of prospects who are all different and at different points in their journey.

Prior to raising their hands, over half of a prospect's college search is conducted online. In this timeframe, many behaviors that indicate interests, preferences, priorities, and placement in the enrollment journey are simply undetectable to colleges (or so they think!)

In this webinar, our Director of Product, Katy Ball, shares the best practices to address and avoid these mistakes. It also features members of our partner company, Olark—the easy-to-configure live chat automation geniuses who help companies engage more customers!

This presentation addresses the following:

  • A lack of focus: You can't tell where to concentrate your efforts, so you end up wasting a ton of motion. You don't know which prospects are the lowest-hanging fruit.
  • Muddy inquiry traffic: You have no way to identify promising leads from junk leads. Many colleges don't consider a prospect as a qualified lead until they take an on-campus tour. This metric is pretty arbitrary and neglects students who can't make it to a campus tour.
  • Too much manual work: You are creating communications from scratch with every interaction, spending more time than necessary, and probably without an overall strategy of moving prospects through the funnel.

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