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Open the doors to explore with VisiTOUR

Ensure personalized tours every time with 24/7 access, unmatched personalization, and a true tour experience from anywhere.

Man experiencing campus visit experience

Virtual and self-guided campus tours like nothing you’ve experienced before.

campus visit experience
explore campus visit experience

Open the doors to more

Highlight the best of your institution

Design unlimited curated tours that can be completed anytime, from anywhere (no downloads required!)

  • Showcase multiple campuses or areas
  • Enable students to explore key programs and learning journeys
  • Increase accessibility with tours in additional languages
  • Create personalized tours for specific audiences, like first-year students, parents, transfer students, adult learners, and alumni

Offer true tour personalization

Ensure memorable tours every time by empowering visitors to personalize virtual and self-guided student tours based on whatever matters most to them

  • Enable personalization based on visitors’ unique interests and needs (no prior knowledge of your campus or programs required!)
  • Automatically generate personalized tour routes with relevant stops
  • Share meaningful follow-up content based on students’ demonstrated interests
personalization of campus visit experience
tour guide with campus visit experience

Give every visitor their own personal tour guide

Offer dynamic, interactive self-guided campus video tours that can be taken 24/7/365

  • Automatically generate a logical tour route and get visitors from point A to Z — and every influential stop in between — with turn-by-turn navigation
  • Enable visitors to learn about other points of interest on campus using augmented reality (AR) that helps identify key locations
  • Encourage further exploration by making it easy to take another campus video tour or add stops to an existing route
  • Create personalized tours for specific audiences, like first-year students, parents, transfer students, adult learners, and alumni

Amplify authenticity with user-generated content

Put student and community voices at the heart of your tours with multimedia user-generated content (UGC)

  • Provide authentic perspectives of what it’s like to live, learn, and have fun at your institution
  • Highlight your community’s diversity
  • Easily collect, manage, and add UGC to virtual and self-guided tour stops and communications
amplify your campus visit experience

Make student tours memorable for all the right reasons

Empower your team to add new tours or content at any time.
No hidden fees or limitations.

Always On

Accessible anytime, anywhere


True personalization based on interests


Authentic perspective of all your institution offers

boost your campus visit experience

Boost engagement with dynamic mobile content

Send personalized content that builds excitement and inspires action.

  • Design interactive mobile content to share with students, parents, and tour guides
  • Drive action by launching 1:1 text message conversations at scale
  • Broaden your reach with email, text-in keywords, QR codes, and shortlinks
  • Get started quickly with our robust bank of communication templates

Build excitement on social media

Tap into students’ affinity for social media with branded filters and effects for tour day — available for TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

A truly powerful way to engage everyone before, during, and after their student tour experience.

social campus visit experience

Measure what matters

Data for campus visit experience

Key metrics

Get key metrics and insights, including the number of virtual and self-guided tours taken, date and time of tours, and more

Activity tracking

Track engagement including clicks and taps, social media lens usage, and survey responses — to better understand and support prospective students 

Actionable insights

Drill down on individual student data, like their selected interests

Sync with CRM

Seamlessly import data into your institution’s CRM to personalize follow-up engagements

Get started quickly with our Concierge Onboarding service


Launch right away with help from our tour experts

Free up staff time and capacity by letting our team stand up your new tour experience quickly.

  • Get your first interactive curated or personalized tour built by the StudentBridge team
  • Collect insights about your tours to improve the overall visit experience
  • Empower your team to succeed with personalized training to edit, enhance, and create campus video tours and impactful mobile communications
  • Tap into ongoing guidance and support from our tour experts

What our clients are accomplishing

Learn how our partner institutions use VisiTOUR to
create memorable tour experiences that move the needle.

maryville case study StudentBridge

Maryville University

Maryville University bolsters enrollment with mobile-first campus video tours that ensure memorable visits for everyone, everywhere, every time.

arizona case study StudentBridge

Arizona State University

Arizona State University highlights what makes each of its campuses unique through accessible, engaging, and personalized tours.

Casey Thomas

“Being able to highlight what makes each of our campuses unique has been invaluable. VisiTOUR enables us to create unlimited tours and stops, making it an affordable and effective way to engage prospective students, share important information, and drive applications.”

Casey Thomas
Associate Director of Digital Engagement and Public Relations for Admission Services | Arizona State University

Bryn Campbell

"Prospective students want to hear from other students. With VisiTOUR, we’re not only able to increase tour access — enabling students to visit from anywhere, anytime — but we’re also able to put current students at the heart of our tours. It provides an authentic, engaging view of Cabrini and helps get students and their families excited about joining our community.”

Bryn Campbell
Director of Undergraduate Admissions | Cabrini University

Kirsten Swales

“We saw unbelievable results in just a couple of weeks with VisiTOUR. We were so blown away by the numbers. It’s also been incredible to see so many students taking advantage of these tours from home, which wasn’t something we saw much of previously.”

Kirsten Swales
Program Coordinator, Visitors Center | West Virginia University

Lacey Norman

“We’ve seen an incredible difference after switching to VisiTOUR and have only heard positive things from students. Our visitors really appreciate the flexibility of being able to tour from anywhere, choose what they want to see, and explore at their own pace.”

Lacey Norman
Assistant Director for Campus Visit Experiences | Maryville University

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