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How to Keep Your Team Afloat During the Great Resignation

StudentBridge Staff September 15, 2022

In enrollment marketing, there are a lot of requirements for in-person, on-campus work because prospective students and their families are constantly coming and going. However, for your teams to be their best selves professionally, you also have to allow them to be their best person, which often requires some level of flexibility.

For some, this means being able to shift their schedule to take care of their family, and for others, this means being allowed to work from home when they are not needed face-to-face on campus.

In this webinar, our Strategic Partnership Manager, Luke Buckovich, discusses these mistakes and the best practices to address and avoid them.

This presentation addresses the following:

  • The Great Resignation: Voluntary resignations are at an all-time high due to better work-life balance and improved workplace culture, and higher education is no exception.
  • An ever-changing professional landscape: The traditional model of higher education is brick-and-mortar. Higher Education, including enrollment marketing, is struggling to adapt to the changing landscape of the industry as remote and hybrid options become the norm rather than the exception.
  • Higher salaries alone are not the perfect solution: Despite everyone's desire for a higher wage, it won't solve the litany of other issues causing your team members to resign.

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