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Attracting Out-Of-State and International Students: How to Use Digital Recruitment Tools to Grow Your College Application Funnel

StudentBridge Staff February, 16, 2023

The college recruitment process has changed drastically in recent years. Digital recruitment tools have become increasingly important for colleges and universities looking to attract out-of-state and international students. With the right approach and tools, colleges and universities can develop an effective recruitment strategy that reaches potential students regardless of location. Here, we will discuss how digital recruitment tools can help you expand your college application funnel and attract out-of-state and international students.

The Importance of Out-of-State and International Students

Attracting out-of-state and international students to your college or university can be a great way to expand your applicant pool and create a more diverse campus. In addition, out-of-state and international students bring unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to college campuses that can benefit the entire learning environment.

With the right digital recruitment tools, schools can tap into these valuable prospective students and create a more robust application funnel. Not only can this help your institution grow, but it can also help your applicants find the perfect fit for their academic and personal goals.

1. Virtual Tours

As college applications become increasingly competitive, educational institutions rely on innovative recruitment techniques to attract out-of-state and international students. One of the most effective tools is a virtual campus tour. Campus Visit Experience is a web-based app that offers virtual tours of campuses, allowing visitors to set their own pace and choose what they want to see first. 

This virtual tour option allows prospective students to gain an immersive understanding of the campus environment before seeing it in person. Moreover, since many out-of-state and international students cannot physically visit the college, this digital tour can be a powerful tool for attracting these students. Campus Visit Experience also offers interactive campus maps, allowing visitors to explore each building and spot points of interest virtually.

2. Virtual Events

Virtual events offer an excellent opportunity for colleges and universities to connect with prospective students and their families. They provide an interactive platform for institutions to provide important information about their academic offerings, campus life, and admission process.

Virtual events are also a great way to reach out to potential applicants. Hosting events like virtual open houses, webinars, and online information sessions allow admissions officers to connect with students without leaving the comfort of their homes. Participants can watch presentations from faculty and staff, explore virtual campus tours, and interact with other attendees. These events should give students a comprehensive overview of the college or university and answer any questions.

3. Interactive Campus Maps

Interactive campus maps effectively give prospective students and their families an inside look at the campus. Augsburg University is an example of a school that used a StudentBridge interactive campus map to expand its recruiting efforts beyond its immediate metro area. The map showcased the entire campus with various points of interest and information for visitors. In addition, photos provided a complete view of each building, while embedded videos narrated by current students gave prospective students a unique insight into campus life.

Since launching the interactive maps, Augsburg welcomed its second-largest class in history. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, enrollment soared thanks to digital recruitment tools. This shows how powerful interactive campus maps can be in helping students explore different colleges from the comfort of their homes.

4. Video Viewbook

Part of the interactive campus map, a video viewbook can provide an immersive, engaging digital experience to demonstrate why your school is an excellent choice for the student’s college education. The video viewbook offers a comprehensive tour of the school and its facilities, showcasing stories of the school, professors, and students. In addition, it highlights why a particular college or university should be considered for further exploration by prospective applicants. Through this, potential students and their families will better understand what your campus has to offer.

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