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International Student Recruitment: 5 Ways to Attract the Right Students and Boost College Enrollment

StudentBridge Staff January, 10, 2023

Many students consider higher education in another country when deciding where to go for college. International student recruitment is competitive. Prospective students have numerous options when they browse the internet for desirable campuses.

Marketing a college to attract international students can be challenging. However, the right digital marketing strategy can help drive enrollment to your school.

Below are five ways to attract international students and boost enrollment.

1. Make Necessary Information Easy to Find

Applying to colleges often starts with an internet search. Educational institutions should maintain an optimized and updated website with content prospective students want to know. Websites should also be functional and easy to navigate. Visitors to your site will likely get frustrated and look elsewhere if pages load slowly or if finding specific details is complicated.

The features you should have readily available on your college's website include the following:

  • Mobile-friendly content for navigable web pages across all devices
  • Easy to access and clearly visible information relevant to international students
  • Contact information for potential applicants to connect with an admissions counselor
  • Links to pages of interest, such as visa application details, scholarship programs, and financial aid

2. Promote Where Your School Is Located

International students are often unaware of the locations of the colleges they consider. They might have never visited the city or been outside their home country. Highlighting the area is as important as promoting your brand and campus.

An interactive campus map shows more than the buildings and sidewalks. You can create a fully-immersive experience in your school and the areas around it. International students can understand what living at your institution will be like by using 3D maps.

Embedded videos and 360-degree images will show life through a resident's eyes. Instead of envisioning how they will feel on campus, they can experience it virtually.

3. Incorporate Testimonials to Tell Your Story

No one understands the college experience more than someone who has lived it. Including testimonials from current and past students will inform prospective applicants of what to expect if they apply to your school. A video viewbook promotes the story of your college. You can transport visitors to a digital world they can immerse themselves in when browsing your website.

Engaging your target audience with high-quality images and videos leaves a lasting impression connecting them to your school. Your viewbook can take readers to testimonials from former students. They can read how their time at your institution shaped their lives and career aspirations. Faculty can also discuss the academic programs and how they help prepare international students for their futures.

4. Offer a Virtual Tour

As an educational institution, you must consider that all enrollees aren't fresh out of high school. Many are adults choosing to go back to college to earn their degrees. That means they might have full-time jobs, kids, and other responsibilities. Hopping on a plane to fly around the world to visit prospective colleges isn't possible for them.

Despite a potential student's age, many international prospects can't afford to travel for campus tours. You can accommodate their needs by offering virtual tours like our Campus Visit Experience. Instead of following tour guides around, they become their own tour guides. A self-guided campus tour allows international students to experience campus life without leaving their homes.

A virtual tour gives prospects a similar experience to being there in person. They can take in the beauty of your college and discover what their daily routine might look like.

5. Create Compelling Social Media Posts

It makes sense to focus on recruiting local students for some educational institutions. Marketing to students across the country and the world is challenging. However, social media allows colleges to reach a wider audience with minimal effort.

You must adapt to the changing times to stay competitive. Gearing your digital marketing methods toward younger people can increase exposure and drive enrollment among a diverse group of students. Add a focus on posting across multiple social media platforms to engage readers and bring them to your website.

Learn More About Marketing for International Student Recruitment

Colleges must promote their brands to show international students that the country, city, and campus suit their needs. Marketing must involve more than providing information. You must form a connection with your target audience to influence their application decisions.

Request a demo from StudentBridge or contact us at (678) 824-8181 to learn more about how we can help your institution attract international students and drive enrollment.

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