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8 Strategies to Increase College Enrollment

StudentBridge Staff October, 21, 2022

In 2020, college enrollment reached 15.85 million undergraduate students, declining 4.31% yearly. Are you having the same problem with increasing the total number of students enrolled in your college or university? You need to employ effective strategies to increase college enrollment, which we'll discuss below – keep reading.

1. Maximize Storytelling

Are you wondering how to increase college enrollment? You may not be using storytelling as a tool to attract more students to your university. What is the story of your institution? What inspiring stories do your faculty and students have? Remember that your school is a brand too, so make it stand out with storytelling. Speak directly to their hearts. Keep them engaged. Allow them to understand and appreciate your school and its core values.

You can make the presentation of your school's story by providing them with an immersive digital experience. Leave a solid first impression and let them feel that your school is what they want and need by using our personalized Video Viewbook. Given that more incoming students are checking out schools virtually, you need to give them the best virtual campus experience with an engaging tool like Video Viewbook.

2. Connect With Students on Social Media

Engaging with students on popular social media platforms is one of the top strategies to increase college enrollment. They spend ample time on social media, so take advantage of this opportunity to use the different features available on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Utilize live video, paid advertisements on each social media platform, or simply feed posts.

3. Reduce Response Time With Automation

As the current generation wants immediate answers to their questions, you must adapt to their communication style to get their attention. Moreover, if you can build an emotional connection with them earlier, you'll have a higher chance of getting them enrolled in your school. Once they have decided that they like a specific school, it's usually hard to turn back.

Use automation features to help achieve that first connection and keep the students from waiting. These include sending responses, reminders, following up, prioritization, and more.

4. Analyze Enrollment Analytics

From the specific messages that prospective students like to the deciding factors for their enrollment, looking at enrollment analytics helps you figure out how to increase college enrollment. With such reports, you'll know how to distribute your resources more effectively. You can avoid unnecessary mistakes and come up with better decisions.

Here, you'll need a robust reporting mechanism that allows you to gather relevant information about your potential students and assess the school's performance. This includes the courses, campuses, and specific admission representatives. At StudentBridge, we have a reliable tech platform that gives you access to real-time analytics. Moreover, you can use the platform for customization, continuous edits or changes, automatic updates, and more.

5. Create an Admitted Student Website

Some schools keep their incoming students excited by launching a new student website. This makes the time between application and admission unique. The students themselves will also feel special and valued.

When building this admitted student website or portal, ensure to add relevant and valuable information for students and families. These include financial aid documents, task sheets or checklists for the next steps, interactive campus tours, and event reminders.

Furthermore, make sure that the website emphasizes your school's value proposition. Add links or resources that will address prospective students' everyday concerns. Then, ensure a format audit for your website so the pieces of information provided are organized, accessible, and mobile-optimized.

6. Hold Swag Contests

You can also attract more prospective students by creating trivia quizzes on social media. Students who participate with the correct answers will get a chance to grab a free school shirt, sweatshirt, cap, bag, or any other popular item unique to your school.

Then, you may urge admitted students to post pictures in which they wear school-branded swag shirts. Those who win this photo contest with the highest number of votes or likes will receive corresponding prizes.

7. Attract Students With Video

Powerful strategies to increase college enrollment include the use of video content. Research showed that 96% of individuals watch explainer videos to learn more about a product or service. In connection to your college or university, you need engaging videos to learn more about your institution and make them realize why they should choose your school.

You can easily create and repurpose videos too. Lessons, interviews, presentations, and webinars can be quickly adapted into smaller video content. For instance, you can make an Instagram story or reel out of a video lecture or webinar.

Moreover, you can hold virtual events instead of typical on-campus events. StudentBridge can help you engage with and attract more students online by creating convincing video vignettes and adding other relevant content.

8. Add Testimonials to Your School's Website

Use positive reviews and testimonials from previous and current students to enhance your school's credibility and appeal to more prospective students. What achievements have they experienced with the help of your school? You might also want to conduct surveys after each school year to acquire parents' and students' feedback and take the necessary action to improve your system and increase college enrollment.

StudentBridge can help you achieve more

Different strategies to increase college enrollment include incorporating storytelling, automation, social media, videos, admitted student websites, and more into your school's program. With this said, learning how to increase college enrollment is one thing, and making it happen is another.

At StudentBridge, we take pride in helping our college and university partners reach their enrollment goals. Contact us today to see how our services can increase your school's enrollment.

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