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How universities with multiple campuses can highlight what makes each campus unique

StudentBridge Staff April, 22, 2022

Arizona State University uses virtual and self-guided tours to showcase what makes each campus special. Here are 3 strategies you can use based on their experience.

For free-standing institutions, showcasing campus offerings is a relatively straightforward process. But larger, multi-campus institutions must take a more nuanced approach. 

Sure, any of your campuses are a good choice, but each campus has its own distinctive features that make it the better choice for certain students. Do your existing tours highlight these differences effectively, allowing students to find the best fit based upon their unique interests and needs?

This was a challenge Arizona State University (ASU) faced for its four campuses spread across the metro Phoenix area. Initially relying on a downloadable PDF for virtual and self-guided tours, the university found this approach wasn’t effectively engaging students and capturing the special attributes of each campus. Using StudentBridge’s Campus Visit Experience, ASU enhanced its tours — both in person and online — so students can explore more of what each campus offers. 

The Campus Visit Experience leverages proprietary mobile-first technology to enable colleges and universities to optimize their virtual and self-guided tours and offer truly personalized experiences. The result? Powerful, impactful visits that help institutions get and stay ahead.

“Being able to highlight what makes each of our campuses unique has been invaluable,” says Casey Thomas, Associate Director of Digital Engagement and Public Relations for Admission Services at ASU. “The Campus Visit Experience enables us to create unlimited tours and stops, making it an affordable and effective way to engage prospective students, share important information, and drive applications.”

Below are three strategies based on ASU’s experience that you can use to build out your tour experiences and highlight what makes each of your campuses unique.

1. Increase access with 24/7 virtual and self-guided tour options

Traveling to take an in-person tour at a college or university isn’t always feasible. When it is, finding a specific day and time to visit can present its own share of challenges — including scheduling conflicts and limited availability. The Campus Visit Experience enabled ASU to increase access with 24/7 virtual and self-guided tour options, giving prospective students and other visitors more ways to explore ASU’s multiple campuses. The results speak for themselves, with over 14,000 tours taken in the first five months alone.

 FB - Case study - Arizona State University2. Generate tour stops based on areas of interest

In addition to increasing access, the Campus Visit Experience enables ASU visitors to tailor their tours based on what matters most to them. By answering questions about general interests, academic interests, and student life, campus visitors can generate a personalized tour without having to first know which stops may be most relevant. What’s more, students can use the same — or different — answers to create additional custom tours across all four campuses to determine the best fit. This level of personalization has proven valuable for visitors and ASU alike, with more than 15 percent of custom tours leading to an inquiry submission.

ASU tour tags personalization3. Create a strong sense of culture and community

They’ve got spirit, yes they do! ASU creates truly memorable tour experiences by sharing spirits and traditions — from wearing gold on Fridays to the lantern walk up “A” mountain to the homecoming parade — across many tour stops within the solution. Not only does this help further distinguish ASU’s campuses, but it also gives prospective students a strong sense of community early on. This feeling of belonging and connectedness is key when students are deciding which campus or institution is the right fit.

Spirit and traditions


Want to learn more about how Arizona State University improved its virtual and self-guided tours using StudentBridge’s Campus Visit Experience? Read the full case study.

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