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The Importance of Virtual Campus Experiences

StudentBridge Staff April, 4, 2022

Your school's website is the central hub for information that prospective students and their parents rely on to learn about your school. On your website, you may have a lot of content, electronic versions of your print pamphlets and other text-heavy information for visitors to read. However, does your website have a virtual tour so prospective students can experience your campus? If not, here are some reasons why your college or university should integrate a virtual tour component on your site.

Why Your University Needs Virtual Tour Software

You can provide a glimpse into your campus to those who are unable to visit.

Let's be honest. International and out-of-state students make up a significant portion of your potential targets. Some of them can travel to visit your campus, but many of them simply cannot. Even many in-state students may not be able to schedule an in-person visit due to their hectic schedules and having to choose how many schools they can physically visit.

When a student is unable to visit, they miss out on a lot of crucial information that they would otherwise get when they were on campus. This could be something simple like experiencing walking from one building to another to touring the residence halls, to meeting other students. Virtual tours, especially 360 virtual tours, help provide that experience in a way that cannot be done with photos and pamphlets alone.

You can help prospective students engage with their new school in a meaningful way.

Even when visiting a school, a prospective student may not be able to see everything that is of interest to them specifically. With a virtual tour, visitors can control the navigation and spend time in the areas that are most relevant to them.

With a virtual tour that has an interactive 360 map, embedded videos and relevant information about the school, students can have an experience that makes the school come alive in a new way. They can put themselves in a student's shoes and visualize themselves going to class, studying and grabbing food at the dining hall.

You can highlight your school's unique features online.

School buildings designed by renowned architects, state-of-the-art finance labs and newly constructed study spaces are just some of the things that most colleges try to promote on their sites. However, just saying it is often not enough and most students don't take the time to read anyway. Students need to experience it, to believe it.

With interactive campus experiences, you can take the elements that make your school unique and bring them to life virtually. With a virtual tour, you can have the same opportunity to WOW your prospective students online as you would with a visit by putting your school's defining characteristics center stage.

StudentBridge Virtual Campus Experiences

StudentBridge creates virtual campus tour experiences that can give prospective students a unique experience. StudentBridge also provides map creation for universities and colleges who want to put their best foot forward. Schedule a meeting to learn more.

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