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You’re in! How institutions can make the most of the acceptance moment

Sarah Holter March, 31, 2022

Get even more out of our Accepted Student Experience with these 4 enhancements


Spring is in the air and acceptance letters are…in the mail? Dropping into students’ email inboxes? Being texted as you read this? 

Whatever method or combination you’re using this year, accepting or admitting students is an exciting time — and an important one to get right. Especially amid increased competition for a dwindling pool of college-bound students. Recent research shows there are a million fewer students enrolled in college now than pre-pandemic, with a drop of nearly half a million undergraduate students this past fall. 

There’s no denying that these are intimidating numbers, but institutions are not without recourse. One of the best ways to get and stay ahead amid an increasingly competitive environment is to take a look at and improve your institution’s acceptance process. 

How are you letting students know they’ve been accepted? Are you taking the moment to celebrate their accomplishment and build excitement? What steps are you taking to engage and inform them throughout the decision-making process? 

Our Accepted Student Experience was designed to address these questions and more, empowering institutions to make the most of this pivotal moment. By taking a mobile-first approach, our solution helps colleges and universities of any size excite, engage, and inform their accepted students — resulting in higher enrollment and matriculation rates. 

But we didn’t stop there. We recently made some enhancements and updates to our solution to give institutions an additional edge as they look to admit and enroll students. 

Below, are four enhancements we made to our Accepted Student Experience to empower your team, welcome students to your community, and make the most of this important moment.

1. Say hello to limitless campaigns and segmentation potential

Getting the right message at the right time can be truly powerful. When it comes to letting a student know they’re in and then driving them to take the next step of actually enrolling, keeping them excited and informed can be downright critical.

To help your institutions easily reach accepted students and share impactful, relevant information throughout the decision-making process, we’ve gone limitless with our campaigns.

With this update, your team has the power to create and send as many text and email campaigns as they need to make the most of this important moment. No limits on things like contact amount or type, scheduling, number of campaigns, or anything else that stands in your way. Message whomever, whenever and watch engagement and enrollment soar.

ASE product shots - spring 2022 release

2. Quickly reach and engage with our new templates

We talk a lot about how accepting students extends beyond simply sending a message about their acceptance. Those targeted follow-up campaigns are just as important to get right — maybe even more so. 

Institutions using our Accepted Student Experience already have access to several key templates to enhance this moment, and now we’re introducing even more templated content cards to help: 

ASE product shots - spring 2022 release (1)

3. Open the lines of communication 

As students navigate the acceptance process, they may have questions or concerns. Many institutions have shared email accounts as a means of engaging with students, but what about reaching and engaging with students where they already are? Their phones. 

The Accepted Student Experience opens the lines for two-way communication via text message. Students can text in questions or concerns, which you can easily view and respond to (via text), ensuring students have access to personalized support as they make their decision. This level of tailored customer service can show students just how much you care and help set your institution apart from other educational options. 


4. Easily gather and leverage the data that really matters 

As you engage with students throughout the decision-making process, it’s critical to understand the impact of those interactions — both at a high level and by individual students. 

How many students are actively engaged? What are they looking at or interacting with? Who is showing up this fall? These are just some of the questions the Accepted Student Experience dashboards help you answer. 

  • Easily track behaviors and interactions so you can better understand and build your incoming class
  • Review overall performance with key insights such as the number of taps, clicks, and engaged students
  • Drill down on individual student behaviors, including text message replies, to better meet their specific needs and provide individualized support
  • And more!


Ready to better engage and excite admitted students? 

StudentBridge’s Accepted Student Experience can help. Request a free, no-obligation demo to see how.

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