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Viral Viewing: Top 5 Most-Watched Campus Videos

StudentBridge Staff February, 1, 2021

Thinking about updating your video content? Now is a great time, because in 2021 94% of high school juniors used YouTube during their college search process to learn more information about a school.

Elevate your unique college experience story and show students what they really want to see with these top 5 most-watched videos:

1. Residence Life

A student's dorm room is their sacred space. It is their home away from home and will serve as the backdrop to lifelong memories. As such, prospective students need to be able to envision themselves in the space where they will be eating, studying and co-living for the next four years.

We love what our friends at High Point University have done to showcase their amazing dorms in one of their top-viewed videos:


A dorm room is more than just a room. Help students envision themselves in the space by highlighting:

  • location to common areas and academic / recreational buildings
  • bathroom - are they suite-style or communal?
  • amenities - not all dorms are created equal
  • number of roommates

2. Day in the Life

Frame the college experience through the eyes of a student ambassador by allowing them to guide prospects through a typical day on campus. Whatever the story line, these videos offer an authentic look into the college experience while engaging a receptive audience.

Our partners at University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point have done a great job of showcasing students who are involved in many aspects of campus life and several extracurricular activities in their videos.


Russell Sage College uses their day in the life videos to highlight the different amenities on campus that students use in their daily life, and even links to each one a student mentions in the text description to provide more information.


Day in the life videos aren't always scripted but should include:

  • a relatable protagonist

  • a look inside residential, academic and common areas

  • scenic shots of everyday activities

3. Student Life

Extracurricular involvement is an integral part of the college experience. Show students how they can keep their calendars full after the lectures and labs through:

  • intramural sports, clubs, Greek life, etc.

  • campus facilities -- gyms, libraries, activity centers

  • music, theater and arts

  • career development opportunities

Oklahoma City University includes a dedicated athletics video on their virtual tour to highlight both the athletics facilities used by student-athletes and those open to everyone.


The student life video included in the Wayne State College virtual experience uses student interviews to discuss the benefits of living in the dorms on campus and joining some of their 100+ student clubs and organizations.


4. Traditions

Every institution has their own unique set of traditions and culture developed over time and passed down from class to class. Don't just tell your prospects about these time honored traditions -- show them.

The experiences and memories that make up these traditions, make your institution a special community that students and alumni embrace from generation to generation.

Welcome prospects into your tight-knit community by showing them how they will take part in a long and storied history.

5. Events and Activities

Campus events play an important role in shaping the social fabric of educational institutions. Prospective students will be looking for a way to connect with others and their new surroundings.

Our partner Boston University does a great job of including events on their virtual experience by giving a tour of the arena they use for ice hockey games, concerts, orientation and more.


William & Mary Law School uses a "Life Outside the Classroom" video to explore events and activities students have access to in the greater off-campus community, as well.


Show students an authentic snapshot of the types of events held on campus and start ramping up that school spirit.

There are endless ways to incorporate these 5 topics into your video content. Be sure to do it in a way that is authentic to your campus and exciting to watch, and your prospects will love getting an inside look at attending your school.

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