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4 Digital Marketing and Recruitment Strategies To Increase Diversity on Campus

StudentBridge Staff November, 23, 2022

Did you know that you can use digital marketing and recruitment strategies to increase diversity on campus? Increasing your college's enrollment and ensuring diversity increases along with it can be more efficient with the proper strategies employed. It's time to say goodbye to the traditional ways and means of recruiting students to your school. Effective digital marketing and recruitment strategies can help you recruit students from different backgrounds, nationalities, and religions much more quicker and simpler.

Here are four marketing and recruitment strategies that can help increase diversity on your campus.

1. Interactive Campus Tours

Interactive tours allow visitors to feel like they are on campus and provide prospective students and families the opportunity to visit your school without ever leaving their homes! Virtual tours will give your campus an advantage when recruiting students from distant places to your college. As such, potential students will have the chance to experience what it's like to be in your school without needing to be there physically. Not all colleges and universities will have these types of interactive tours, providing you with a competitive edge over other institutions these prospective students may be considering.

This digital marketing tool helps showcase your school to students, especially with the recent global pandemic. International students will also have the chance to see what your school looks like, increasing the chances of recruiting a diverse group of new students.

The StudentBridge Interactive College Maps and 3D Campus Tours give your school the platform to showcase your campus to students worldwide. What makes StudentBridge's virtual tours feel realistic is the 3D maps that enable students to virtually walk through your campus and simultaneously get a glimpse of campus life with the embedded videos and 360-degree images. For more information, check out how StudentBridge's interactive campus map helped Augsburg University achieve its recruitment goal.

2. Virtual Campus Events

Traditional campus events can be influential when recruiting students, though they come with certain limitations, especially for international students. Not only do conventional campus events require a lot of resources, but students from different countries or states will have little chance to participate. A virtual campus event provides a solution to all of these issues in logistics and resources. Virtual campus events are the practical solution to expand your school's reach and increase the opportunity for a diverse student body.

The Virtual Event Solutions for Universities by StudentBridge connects the schools to students wherever they are in the world. Students can access your StudenBridge Virtual Event anytime, anywhere. All they need is a device connected to the internet, and they'll be able to participate in your school's virtual event. Virtual events are here to stay, especially with the lessons taught by the past global pandemic. Virtual events' inclusivity, practicality, and convenience are hard to beat.

3. Promotional Videos for the Campus

Promotional videos are powerful marketing tools for colleges and universities. With the power of social media, a viral video telling your school's story can mean reaching students from different countries and backgrounds. This is your opportunity to show potential students that your college is the right choice for them. However, did you know you can turn this promotional tool up a notch?

Check out the fully-customizable Video Viewbook by StudentBridge. The Video Viewbook promotes your school through video on a whole new level. With the Video Viewbook, you can share the story of your school, faculty, and students.

The StudentBridge Video Viewbook can create an immersive digital experience that will positively impact your potential recruits. You can imagine the positive effect that powerful story-telling can give your school when viewed by students from every corner of the world.

4. Self-guided Campus Tours

Self-guided tours are great for welcoming potential students to your campus. Letting students from every race and background explore the premises of the school is a great way to show them your goal of admitting a diverse group of students and convey that your school is the right choice for them. However, you want these self-guided tours to be smooth and convenient, right?

How about using an app that will make self-guided tours in your school a more pleasant experience?

Increase Diversity on Your Campus with StudentBridge

The digital marketing and recruitment strategies presented in this blog are designed to help increase diversity in your school. Remember, having a reliable partner for your school's recruitment strategies is crucial.

Do you want to learn more about how StudentBridge can help increase enrollment in your school? Contact us today and request a free demo. We would love to help your educational institution succeed this season!

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