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The New Normal: Why Virtual is Here to Stay

StudentBridge Staff April 27, 2022

Not long ago, all in-person or physical gatherings came to a standstill in a world of lockdowns, venue closures, and social distancing restrictions. Since then, we've begun taking steps to return to what we perceived as standard, such as in-person/on-campus events, hybrid events, and mailing out brochures. However, individuals have acquired a better work-life balance throughout the pandemic, making long-distance travel for an event increasingly less appealing. Virtual events are more inclusive, but they are also more cost-effective for hosting and attending parties. The insights provided are a few of the reasons why virtual events are here to stay in Higher Education.

Join Luke Buckovich, Senior Account Executive, as he discusses why virtual is here to stay in Higher Education.

This presentation includes:

  • Virtual event stages
  • Highlights of Partner Virtual Event Success
  • The most popular virtual event features

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