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StudentBridge Webinars: Virtual Events

Learning Session

Unlock campus visits that

In this on-demand virtual learning session, discover actionable strategies to convert more campus visitors — before, during, and after the tour.

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The New Normal: Why Virtual is Here to Stay

Not long ago, all in-person or physical gatherings came to a standstill in a world of lockdowns, venue closures, and social distancing restrictions. Since then, we've begun taking..

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Essential Strategies For Hybrid Events

The word 'Hybrid' has become increasingly relevant throughout the duration of the last few years. As we continue to adapt to the circumstances of our environment, implementing..

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Why Virtual is Here to Stay

While the pandemic may have forced the pivot to virtual events, it has now become an expectation. Prospective students rely on the flexibility that comes with virtual events, and..

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Why Students Aren't Interacting with You One-On-One: The Channel You're Overlooking

High school students are exhausted from the hours spent communicating and learning through screens this year. In fact, 2/3 of students now prefer to Zoom with their cameras off...

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