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Why Students Aren't Interacting with You One-On-One: The Channel You're Overlooking

High school students are exhausted from the hours spent communicating and learning through screens this year. In fact, 2/3 of students now prefer to Zoom with their cameras off. As a result, most students no longer have the energy to interact one-on-one with college admissions counselors, on top of everything else. With 81% avoiding phone calls, there is an increasingly effective way to interact with Gen Z students that you may be overlooking - live chat!

In this webinar, StudentBridge Customer Success Manager, Briana Duncan, leverages her background in college admissions and counseling to provide insights on the communication channels high school students prefer today, with a focus on live chat. She highlights:

  • Impact of Zoom Fatigue on Communication with Prospective Students
  • Why High Schoolers are Avoiding Phone Calls & Emails
  • Benefits of Incorporating Live Chat on Your Website
  • Success Metrics from Institutions Using Live Chat
  • Live Chat Best Practices

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