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Virtual Tours: How To Create the Best Interactive Map of Your University

StudentBridge Staff October, 31, 2022

In today's digitally driven world, establishments in a wide range of industries need digital solutions and a robust technology platform to be successful. Universities, in particular, should concentrate on digital solutions because the backbone of their operations – students – heavily rely on technology.

Millions of students eagerly anticipate their first year of college as another school year ends. In today's technologically advanced world, it's likely that many of these students had their first encounter with a university online and reviewed online resources before deciding where to apply and ultimately enroll.

One of the most significant ways to improve the number of applicants to a university is with the help of an interactive campus map. It's a tool where potential students can search online and virtually experience your campus and everything on it, including:

  • Academics
  • Student life
  • Athletics
  • Events
  • Facilities
  • History
  • Art

Reasons Why You Need an Interactive Campus Map of Your University

A well-designed interactive map can be a powerful admissions tool that helps students get excited and even motivated to attend university. An interactive map can help increase student applicants and work on the recruiting front for marketing and admissions professionals.

Here are the top reasons why your university needs to have a well-designed interactive map:

  • It is the ideal instrument for highlighting the unique characteristics of your university.
  • It helps promote on- and off-campus events that enhance the learning environment for students.
  • Through real-time data feeds, it assists students in navigating the campus and allows them to stay informed about public transit, such as the location of an upcoming bus on their route.
  • It helps increase traffic to your website. Since interactive maps are accessible through your website, visitors will navigate your website more for more information about your university.
  • Most of your competitors use interactive maps, so you should too.

How an Interactive Map Can Help

This case study on Augsburg University is one of the best examples of how critical interactive maps are to universities. Augsburg, a top-notch private university in Minneapolis, Minnesota, sought to increase enrollment beyond its nearby metro area and draw out-of-state students. Their main goal was to allow potential students to experience the school's excellence. To do that, potential students would need to visit their campus. With many people who prefer to preview their campus experience online, Augsburg University was struggling. Few people were willing to visit their campus, resulting in fewer opportunities to impress potential students.

StudentBridge, a leading provider of personalized, digital engagement solutions for educational institutions, created an interactive campus map showcasing the Augsburg campus. With a well-designed interactive campus map, students could learn about each place of interest and watch videos that gave them a comprehensive look inside each building on the Augsburg campus.

With an interactive campus map, students can get an intimate look at student life by watching embedded student-narrated clips and educational videos. Through StudentBridge's interactive map, the Augsburg team ensured that students could still view their facilities, even if they couldn't be there in person. Augsburg University has 3,500 average monthly visitors to the Interactive Campus Map, and 1/3 of all visitors return for higher-than-average time on site.

Create the Best Interactive Map of Your University

StudentBridge allows you to create the best interactive map of your university to highlight the people, stories, and value of your campus rather than just the physical structures like buildings and walkways.

1. Choose a Template for an Interactive Map

The first step in the creation process is selecting a design that closely resembles your desired interactive map. StudentBridge offers a variety of templates to meet your needs. If none of the available options strike your interest, you are welcome to begin fresh on a blank canvas to create an entirely personalized template.

2. Add Important Data and Information

The next step is to input all the essential information and data that you want on the map. You can include demographic data, events, subjects, schedules, and other relevant details you want to highlight. Include the most helpful information to market your university to prospective students and parents.

3. Categorize and Filter

Create categories and filters for all the information about your university. Give your potential students the option to easily choose and see specific school areas that they are most interested in. An excellent interactive map allows students to conveniently get the information they want and easily experience the campus with just a few clicks.

4. Incorporate Video

The best interactive map should include a video viewbook. The video viewbook allows parents to learn more about what a university has in store for their children. A closer look at a school's viewbook can also tell a lot about the school and helps in amplifying immersive digital experiences. It highlights your most valuable asset: the stories of the school, professors, and students.

5. Always Include Calls to Action

Parents and children may decide to apply to your school immediately after viewing a great interactive map. Always include instructions on what to do next so they can contact the appropriate person for more enrollment information.

Create the Best Interactive Map of Your University With StudentBridge

StudentBridge is exceptionally proud of its workforce, offerings, and culture. Together, we have emerged as the top supplier of individualized digital engagement solutions for schools. Our goal is for every student to discover the right fit and for every school to have every seat filled by assisting educational institutions in increasing enrollment through distinctive and memorable digital engagement solutions.

Take your university's enrollment procedure to the next level. Take a significant step and contact us today to learn more about how our services can boost your enrollment.

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