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4 Interactive Digital College Recruitment Tools That Boost Engagement

StudentBridge Staff March, 16, 2023

Educational institutions must always focus on implementing strategies to attract prospective students and increase enrollment. Targeting the appropriate audience to drive traffic to a website requires compelling and engaging content.

However, it also requires unique digital interactive tools to inform and engage readers. Whether someone can't afford the airfare, worries about the health risks of attending live events with large crowds, or prefers online communication, incorporating web-based recruitment tools suited to each prospect's needs is crucial.

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided and more students spend time on campuses to get a feel for the colleges they visit, many more opt for virtual experiences. They want to learn about the academic programs, speak to alum, and tour the campus from the comfort of their homes. Instead of in-person participation, prospective students want the same experience in a virtual world.

Here you will learn about five interactive recruitment tools that can increase engagement and boost enrollment at your school.

1. Virtual Event Option

Every educational institution must plan events for faculty, students, alum, and potential enrollees. Events allow people from all walks of life to meet and discuss the topics most important to them. Although on-campus events are essential to encourage participation and engagement, virtual events are as, if not more, important today.

While it is true that many prospective students want to get a feel for campus life by experiencing it in person, some face significant limitations in doing so. They can't tour the campus in person because of physical disabilities, insufficient funds, schedule conflicts, and other issues. Offering an option to participate virtually will increase event attendance. Online participants can interact with other virtual guests and in-person participants in a distraction-free digital environment.

You don't have to eliminate on-campus events when you plan virtual events. You can combine the two, allowing your attendees to choose the sessions they want to join. For example, your in-person attendees can spend time touring the campus while your online attendees participate in a question-and-answer session with a faculty member. You can combine both groups afterward during a meet and greet involving faculty, staff, alum, and prospective students.

2. Self-Guided Digital Tour

A self-guided virtual campus tour is valuable in providing prospective students with a fully immersive experience. Instead of following a guide on campus, users can choose their own paths and visit the parts of your campus that interest them most.

At StudentBridge, we help colleges showcase their unique selling points. Students can see what your school offers without setting foot on campus. The app leverages Google Maps to guide visitors in an entirely virtual experience. Audio and text provide information about each stop, and 360-degree images show the beauty of the campus.

3. Interactive Campus Map

Like virtual tours, interactive campus maps highlight the aspects of your school you want to sell to prospective students. You can show off your academic buildings, facilities, athletic fields, and classrooms. The 3D maps allow users to walk around and get a feel for the environment with 360-degree images and embedded videos. They don't have to be there in person to experience what life would be like if they enrolled.

4. Engaging and Informative Video Viewbook

A video viewbook is a powerful feature you should consider in your digital recruitment strategy. It can include engaging stories from former students about their time on campus and demonstrate how your course offerings shaped their career paths. Links to videos from faculty can highlight the programs and internship opportunities. You can also incorporate interesting facts about your college and campus, its history, and surrounding towns.

Contact StudentBridge to Learn More About Interactive Recruitment Tools

StudentBridge leverages various interactive digital features to help colleges improve student engagement and enrollment. You can discuss your needs with an experienced professional from our company and let us create a strategy suited to your needs.

If you want to learn more about the interactive tools you can use to engage new students and increase enrollment at your school, call us at 678-824-8181 or request a demo today.

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