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4 Recession-Proof Higher Education Digital Marketing and Recruitment Strategies

StudentBridge Staff March, 9, 2023

Many educational institutions are experiencing declining enrollment. Facing the challenges of marketing to a shrinking target audience can be overwhelming. A recession can cause long-lasting consequences, leading to a significant drop in enrollment.

However, you can recession-proof your digital marketing strategies by incorporating unique and compelling features in your website to recruit new prospects and increase the number of applicants.

Here are five recession-proof strategies to enhance your marketing and recruit students to your college.

1. Showcase Campus Life

During a recession, the government often cuts funding to programs such as financial aid. College-bound students no longer have access to the financial security of paid tuition and other expenses. They must look to other resources to afford higher education costs.

You can continue to attract prospective students who have lost funding by showcasing your academic programs and their success in providing future opportunities. Plan a virtual event for online attendees to learn more about what your school offers. They can connect with alum and hear about the path your college placed them on after graduation. You might ease the financial worries by showing prospects the value of attending your school despite the state of the economy.

2. Offer Long-Term Support

Finances will always be a significant factor in deciding whether and where to attend college. Recessions cause prospective students to think about the long-term consequences of attending school and taking on debt. That might deter them from applying to your school or lead to enrollment at a less expensive college that doesn't meet their needs.

You must communicate the help prospects will receive if they attend your institution. They need to know there are people on campus who care about their future. Highlight unlimited access to advisors, tutors, and counselors. When you show prospective students the available resources, enrolling won't seem as scary.

3. Give Graduates a Place to Tell Their Stories

Some students worry about how they'll succeed after graduation. During a recession, the fear grows exponentially. An economic downturn makes it seem that finding a stable job isn't possible despite completing a degree. However, former students can tell stories about how your school helped them succeed, even in a challenging economic environment.

You should include a video viewbook on your college's website. It provides a fully immersive experience of campus life. Feature your academic buildings and programs with clips of alum discussing their time on campus. They can speak to the majors, courses, and resources that helped them succeed after graduating. The video viewbook can show the possibility of overcoming adversity and achieving career goals during crises.

4. Focus on Marketing and Outreach Efforts

Increasing your marketing and outreach efforts can drive student enrollment during a recession. Target high school students considering taking time off after graduation specifically because of the economy. You can also reach out to adults who want to return to school to start or complete a degree but are still determining the right time.

Narrow your digital marketing by announcing hybrid classes. Talk about a new opportunity to attend your college online or participate in lectures by joining a live webinar. You can also offer flexible programs and schedules for students who can't afford to live on campus.

Elevate Your Digital Marketing and Recruiting During a Recession

Colleges play a pivotal role in students' lives during a recession. You can help prospective students decide on their educational futures by offering the digital features necessary to improve their chances of success despite financial limitations.

StudentBridge is ready to help your college market to your target audience and improve recruiting efforts when the state of the economy is on a downswing. Call us at 678-824-8181 to learn more about our digital marketing and recruiting solutions, or request a demo today.

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