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4 Ways Recruitment and Enrollment Play a Part in Environmental and Sustainability Governance at Your University

StudentBridge Staff March, 17, 2023

Environmental and sustainability initiatives are powerful tools in recruitment and enrollment strategies for educational institutions. Many people head to college with plans to change the world for the better. They want to positively impact the environment by attending a school with the same values.

You should focus on methods that drive enrollment while improving your college's sustainability and fostering a better environment. Below are four ways recruitment and enrollment affect environmental and sustainability governance at your university.

#1: Promote a Diverse Student Body

When you focus on fostering an inclusive on-campus environment, prospective students from different backgrounds, cultures, morals, and beliefs feel a sense of belonging. They're likelier to enroll during recruitment if they feel you are a perfect fit for them.

Diversity is essential in higher education. Prospective students don't want to risk bullying, discrimination, or harassment when they attend college. They want to focus on achieving a well-rounded education and preparing for future careers. When you target diverse enrollees, you create a safe place for students to accomplish their goals without unnecessary challenges related to race, religion, or sexual orientation.

That's why implementing a recruitment strategy that emphasizes your university's commitment to tolerance and inclusion is critical. You can promote the values you instill in your students, faculty, and staff so prospects understand the level of tolerance and respect for others that is expected on campus. Announce extracurricular activities and events aimed at informing and resolving issues minority groups often face.

#2: Establish the Importance of Green Initiatives

Many college campuses are going green. They want to help the environment by encouraging recycling, saving water, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. You can communicate your college's priority in improving the environment by offering digital experiences as alternatives to in-person participation.

You can offer virtual tours, so prospective students limit their travel. It positively impacts the environment while allowing prospects to visit your campus virtually. They can guide themselves to points of interest and listen to audio or read the text about each stop along the digital tour. They can also view 360-degree images that show off the beauty of your campus.

A virtual event is another beneficial method of furthering your school's environmental and sustainability initiatives while fostering personal engagement among attendees. Your events can allow in-person and online attendees to interact with each other during sessions that interest them. Prospective students can attend lectures, meet faculty, and connect with alum from behind a phone or tablet screen.

You should consider creating a video viewbook to highlight your university's story. Prospective students can enjoy a fully immersive digital experience without driving or flying anywhere. Instead of describing the beauty of your campus, show it. Include videos, imaging, and photos of every aspect of your school you want to promote.

#3: Encourage Community Involvement

When you focus on sustainability and the environment during student recruitment, you can use your website to discuss the organizations you support and the charitable events you participate in to show prospective students what they can accomplish for the community by attending your school.

Some students decide to enroll because the college's values align with theirs. They want to continue to be involved in a community even if they move away from home. Knowing there's a place they can go to discuss issues they care about and actively participate in the community might mean the difference between applying to and considering other schools.

#4: Foster Engagement

Engagement is essential at any part of the college recruitment funnel. Prospective students want to feel they receive the best attention they can get. They don't want to be just another number on a long list of applicants. That means your efforts should focus on multiplying engagement opportunities. Many applicants are recent graduates or seeking higher education after taking a couple of years off from school. Think about how the typical student spends their time communicating with others.

Social media is valuable in keeping people connected and engaged. Use your social media platforms to announce upcoming events, answer inquiries, and post about exciting developments on campus, such as a new academic program or state-of-the-art lab equipment. You can also encourage participation in the local community by posting about volunteer work such as a beach cleanup, gardening project, or recycling program that shows your college's commitment to the care of the environment.

Recruitment Strategies for Promoting Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives

At StudentBridge, we understand the importance of attracting and engaging students to drive enrollment. Part of that requires promoting your college's missions and values. We can help create a recruitment and enrollment strategy suited to your needs.

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