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3 Ways to Use Digital Tools to Promote Athletics and Extracurriculars to Prospective Students

StudentBridge Staff February, 9, 2023

Appealing to the best and most well-rounded students is difficult in a highly competitive culture. Academic institutions must use the most effective marketing methods, including digital marketing tools, to attract new students.

Aside from highlighting campus life's academic and social opportunities, showcasing your school's athletic and extracurricular activities is critical. It can make a difference in helping a student make a final enrollment decision.

Prospective students want more than an academic experience. They want a well-rounded, complete experience as they begin the pinnacle of their years of education. Here are four ways to use digital tools to promote athletic and extracurricular activities.

1. Use Adaptive Cutting-Edge Technology With Your Promotional Video Content

Almost every video promoting a college or university seems to contain a highlight of a slam dunk or touchdown. Unsurprisingly, athletics are at the forefront of many student activities.

These highlight videos also typically include snippets of the school's theater and musical productions to present a well-rounded picture of university life. StudentBridge's Video Viewbook helps prospective applicants learn more about the school appealingly and interactively.

Using Student Bridge's Tech Platform alongside StudentBridge's Video Viewbook can allow you to track who watches your promotional videos and for how long. This information can help you adapt your recruitment strategies using engagement and converting user data to increase enrollment.

2. Provide an Interactive Map and Tour of Athletic and Extracurricular Facilities

Using StudentBridge's Interactive Campus Maps and Campus Visit Experience, you can customize virtual tours of your school's athletic and extracurricular facilities. Students can immerse themselves in the experience of attending or even participating in an event.

A campus map lets potential students and their families discover and explore your school's athletic and extracurricular facilities. Many schools have used StudentBridge's Interactive Campus Maps and Campus Visit Experience to showcase academic buildings and residence halls.

Viewers can experience a walk around your campus. These maps and tours also highlight popular locations on your campus map and include other information to attract students with more knowledge of your school.

3. Create an Exclusive Athletic and Extracurricular Virtual Event Space

The increase in the use of virtual events has dramatically affected college recruitment. StudentBridge's Virtual Events let you host provocative and enlightening virtual events that reach potential students anywhere, especially those without the means to visit your campus in person.

Virtual Events focusing on athletic and extracurricular activities allow prospective students to visualize themselves on your campus from the comfort of home. Virtual events with interactive features can have a significant effect on increasing your recruitment.

Want to Learn More About How StudentBridge Can Help Increase Enrollment?

Your school's website should tell a story to draw the reader in and further cultivate their interest. A website that offers maps, tours, and virtual events alongside a social media hub can help accomplish this.

StudentBridge exists to help drive student enrollment in colleges and universities. Check out our Webinars and Case Studies.

Contact us and request a demo to learn more about how our services can increase your enrollment. We want to help your school enjoy the utmost recruitment and enrollment success!

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