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4 Innovative Ways to Use Your Digital Marketing Tools to Modernize Your University

StudentBridge Staff May, 25, 2023

In today's tech-driven world, having a robust online presence is essential for universities to succeed. By embracing the power of digital engagement tools, universities can modernize their institutions, attract students, and create a positive and influential online presence. In this blog post, we'll explore four innovative ways universities can use digital marketing tools to create a modernized approach to their marketing and recruitment strategies. Read on to find out more!

1) Create an Interactive Campus Map

An interactive campus map is an essential part of modernizing a university. An interactive campus map can provide directions, pictures, videos, 3D models, and other features that give visitors an up-close look at the university. These tools significantly benefit prospective students and their families who cannot visit the campus in person. When you provide virtual tours and 360-degree views of the university grounds, they can get an in-depth feel for what life would be like on campus. In addition, an interactive map will make it easier for students to find their classrooms, lecture halls, libraries, cafeterias, and other areas of interest on campus. This gives prospective students a better idea of the layout and features of the university before they even set foot on campus.

Providing students with a comprehensive view of the campus allows them to orient themselves more quickly to their new surroundings and take advantage of all the campus offers.

2) Host a Webinar With Prospective Students

With the growing popularity of virtual events and webinars, many universities utilize them as effective marketing tools. Webinars can give prospective students a glimpse into the university's culture, campus, programs, and amenities. During the webinar, universities can provide prospective students with an overview of the university, highlight key programs, and answer any questions. Other potential topics include information about admissions requirements, scholarships, student support services, campus life, and more. You can also allow potential students to ask questions and converse with current students and faculty members.

Universities can include videos, polls, and surveys throughout the webinar to further connect with potential students. Overall, hosting a webinar can be an excellent way for universities to engage and interact with prospective students.

3) Virtual and Self-Guided Tours

Virtual tours are a great way to introduce potential students to your campus without them having to leave the comfort of their homes. Campus Visit Experience offers an interactive and immersive virtual tour experience that lets prospective students explore your campus from anywhere in the world. The web-based app provides 360-degree images and videos with detailed text and audio highlighting each location on the tour, so prospective students can get a feel for what your campus is like before they arrive. This is a very valuable tool for students who live too far away to visit.

For those who prefer an in-person experience, self-guided tours are also possible with Campus Visit Experience if in-person tours are fully booked or unavailable. In addition, they can get an idea of the campus's layout and size and learn more about the university as they walk around. By offering virtual and self-guided tours, Campus Visit Experience helps universities modernize their campuses. It also allows them to provide an engaging and informative experience that can give prospective students a better understanding of what their college life could be like.

4) Student Engagement Platform

Engaging and connecting with students on a digital level is becoming more critical than ever. Student engagement platforms allow universities to modernize their digital strategy and ensure their student population stays engaged, connected, and motivated. One great way to foster student engagement is through a platform like StudentBridge's Accepted Student Experience.

Modernize Your University With StudentBridge

StudentBridge provides a comprehensive digital marketing tool suite allowing universities to create a tailored student recruitment and engagement experience. With StudentBridge, universities can create interactive campus maps, host webinars with prospective students, provide virtual and self-guided tours, establish an engaging student engagement platform, and more. For more information or a free demo, contact StudentBridge today.

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