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How to Involve More Departments in the Admissions Process

StudentBridge Staff August, 25, 2022

Admissions officers are great representatives of your institution, but most students will no longer interact with them after their first day of class. There are countless additional departments that work to improve the student experience. How can you involve them to give prospective students a better sense of the people they will see daily as a member of your campus community?

1. Academics

Higher education is, first and foremost, about academics, so make sure you are connecting prospective students to information about the different programs at your institution. Host panels at admissions events with professors or students from different departments, and

use video to highlight pertinent academic information through interviews on your website. You may also want to include advisors from your career center on panels and in videos to showcase the support they can provide to students in their job search.

2. Athletics

Athletics departments play a large role in building community on college campuses, and not just for athletes! Encourage prospective students to attend games when they are in town for a tour to get a sense of what that atmosphere is like. Keep home game schedules in the admissions office for interested visitors.

3. Residence Life

Videos on residence life are some of the top-watched on university websites. Be sure to include dorms on your in-person and virtual tours so students know where they will be living. To further involve the residence life staff in your admissions process, see if current Resident Assistants will answer some prospective student FAQs about campus housing.

4. Support Services

There are an array of people at every school eager to help students; make sure you can connect prospective students with the right people to get their questions answered. Provide the emails of employees in various departments during admissions information sessions who are willing and able to answer questions from prospective students. Departments that could be relevant include those that help with financial aid, living and dining accommodations, academic and tutoring support, counseling services, and any others that help ensure every student has what they need to succeed.

There are many different ways to involve more than just the admissions office in student recruitment. For virtual solutions that could make the process easier, contact StudentBridge website today!

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