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Customizing Your Digital Marketing Resources to Help You Target Your Student Recruitment Campaign

StudentBridge Staff February, 22, 2023

Every college and university has something unique to offer prospective students. It's critical for your school to stand out from the rest of the competition. Custom digital marketing resources are crucial tools for informing prospective students about the many facets of your school's student-learning experience.

Many institutions are thinking outside the box to attract students. Digital marketing is at the forefront of every solid marketing approach. Schools must tailor every available digital marketing resource to highlight the unique learning experience they provide.

With the ability to enhance digital marketing using customized tools, schools can attract more students than ever. Customizing digital marketing resources helps schools use available data about a target audience to create relevant, cutting-edge marketing campaigns.

Today, digital resources for colleges and universities include social engagement platforms, virtual event platforms, self-guided tours, video viewbooks, and interactive campus maps. StudentBridge offers these resources with a variety of exciting applications.

Our customizable tools can bolster communication and build relationships with prospective students. These fortified relationships can go a long way in putting you near or at the top of a student's list of favorite schools.

1. Create Your Own Campus Maps and Virtual Tours

One example of a digital marketing tool is StudentBridge's Interactive College Maps and 3D Campus Tours application. No two campuses are alike, and a virtual map and tour prove your campus has a special vibe. In an informative way, this tool lets prospective students experience your campus in person as real students do with a realistic glimpse of campus life.

StudentBridge maps provide an interactive virtual tour that gives students a snapshot of campus life through beautiful, vibrant 360-degree images.

2. Personalize Virtual Events and Webinars with Content Targeted at a Specific Audience

While 3D Maps and virtual tours give students a general feeling of campus life, regularly-scheduled Virtual Events can supplement them. Organized virtual events provide a look at other compelling on-campus experiences.

The more you understand your target audience, the more you can customize your digital marketing resources accordingly. By identifying and understanding how prospective students think, you can create content with Webinars and Virtual Events that attracts and engages a specific type of student. These events can inform recruits and interest them in wanting to learn more at your college or university.

3. Personalize Digital Marketing Experiences

In such a competitive market, it is crucial to make prospective students see that your school offers a unique, one-of-a-kind academic experience. Demographic and behavioral data provide the necessary insights for developing an accurate picture of student prospects. You can further use data compiled on your website to personalize a digital marketing strategy.

StudentBridge's Video Viewbook is but one custom tool that gives recruits a sample of your school's student experience.

4. Transform Marketing Strategies Using Personalized Content

Customizing your digital resources is an adaptive process. It is crucial to have the ability to transform your marketing strategy and adapt to the needs of prospective students when necessary.

StudentBridge can help you accomplish this and more. We are the only digital solutions provider that delivers a full range of digital marketing resources. We offer everything you need to attract students to your campus. StudentBridge also provides ongoing support services with every virtual experience.

StudentBridge Provides a Complete Array of Customizable Digital Marketing Resources

We offer access to real-time analytics, personalization, and automatic updates to ensure the security, privacy, and accessibility compliance of all your digital marketing tools.

Our Tech Platform enables you to adapt your recruitment strategies to evolve with your goals. See our Webinars and Case Studies to sample a few of the many things we can do for your school.

Contact StudentBridge to learn more about how our services can increase your student enrollment. At StudentBridge, we help educational institutions achieve their enrollment goals through customized solutions.

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