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Virtual Learning Session

Competition is up, but your enrollment doesn’t have to be down.

In this on-demand virtual learning session, discover actionable ideas to drive enrollment and achieve more. 

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Learning Session

Make Your Enrollment a Smash Hit 

8 strategies to achieve your most ambitious enrollment goals this cycle and beyond

Competition is up, internal resources are down, and your enrollment is paying the price.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be this way. 

This on-demand virtual learning session is packed with strategies and examples for driving enrollment this cycle and beyond. 

You'll learn:

  • Key challenges impacting enrollment rates today
  • 8 strategies to achieve your most ambitious enrollment goals
  • Practical ideas for staying competitive and standing out from other education options
  • When and where campus visits can help
  • Ways to amplify your team’s efforts (even with limited staff, budget, and time)
  • How various institutions are boosting enrollment despite limited resources
  • And more!

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Meet your presenters:

Alyssa Brant

Alyssa Brant

Manager of Customer Success

Jacob Hoggard

Jacob Hoggard

Senior Customer Success Manager

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