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StudentBridge is now a Slate Platinum Preferred Partner

Integration accelerates ability to discern engagements that convert


ATLANTA, April 11, 2024 - StudentBridge announced today that it has become a Platinum member of the Slate Preferred Partner Program, a network of organizations that share a commitment to support transformational effects on the world of higher education.

The Slate Preferred Partner Program recognizes organizations that integrate with Slate and offer implementation support, while providing meaningful contributions to the higher education community. Slate Preferred Partners have a deeper understanding of the Slate product functionality and processes and have gained access to a variety of resources and insights into best practices.

"We're thrilled to announce this partnership which further cements our expertise working with Slate to boost student interaction with institutional offerings across various digital platforms," shared Jonathan Clues, CEO and co-founder of StudentBridge. "For many years we have bridged the gap between entertainment and higher education, and this collaboration will better equip our partner institutions with insightful data to make informed enrollment marketing decisions, ensuring they attract students who are the perfect fit."

A trusted partner to institutions looking to scale and personalize interactions with prospective students through video and virtual experiences, StudentBridge adds value and muscle to enrollment teams. Slate webinars provide a perfect platform for StudentBridge to share robust experience creating and sustaining these critical moments of engagements in the student journey. StudentBridge will present best practices, case studies, and additional insights to the Slate community through the Dive Deeper series beginning this spring.

“StudentBridge, as a Platinum Preferred Partner, brings innovative solutions to the higher education community, focusing on enhancing student recruitment and engagement,” noted Alexander Clark, Founder and CEO of Technolutions. “Their status as a Preferred Partner signifies their commitment to excellence and their ability to provide valuable resources and support to educational institutions striving to enhance their recruitment efforts and engage with prospective students more effectively.”

About StudentBridge
Bridging the gap between digital entertainment and higher education, StudentBridge has been a leading provider of innovative enrollment solutions for over two decades, combining the power of video storytelling with data insights to redefine how institutions connect with prospective students. Our comprehensive suite of interactive content delivery platforms, supported by deep industry expertise, offers a complete resource for creative services, mobile communications, and analytics-driven insights. This approach has empowered over 500 institutions, from small liberal arts colleges to large R1 and R2 universities, to navigate the complexities of student recruitment and engagement with unparalleled precision, driving remarkable enrollment outcomes.

About Slate
Over 1,800 colleges and universities trust Slate by Technolutions to manage their admissions/enrollment management, student success, and advancement needs. Slate has been developed exclusively for higher education and is the preeminent solution for recruiting students and donors, providing the best combination of qualified services, value for money, and experience.

About Technolutions
Founded in 1994, Technolutions has become the standard-bearer for admissions/enrollment management, student success, and advancement technology.  Technolutions prides itself on its innovative and first-to-market solutions which support transformational change on the world of higher education.