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Why Virtual Events are Here to Stay

Many colleges and universities may be thinking that virtual events were a quick fix during the pandemic. Now that in-person events are happening again, won't the virtual ones surely become a thing of the past? However, now that a virtual option has been introduced, there are many reasons why it won't become obsolete anytime soon.

1. New Expectations

COVID set a new standard for virtual experiences in higher education. Now that virtual events are considered a suitable alternative for in-person experiences, they cannot simply just go away now that campuses are reopening. Students and families now expect a virtual option for their events, and by not offering a virtual option your institution may be missing out on some highly qualified candidates.

2. Too Many Schools

High School students are applying to more and more schools every year, and it makes visiting every campus on their list nearly impossible. However, with virtual events, students have the time to visit every school on their list, even if the events are on the same day and opposite sides of the country!

3. Convenience for Students and Families

College and university event schedules have traditionally been very inflexible; they happen on one day and if a student can't attend for whatever reason, they miss out on the opportunity. With a virtual platform, events can stay open for longer and are also available on-demand, allowing prospective students and their families to participate in the event whenever they are able.

4. Engagement from Anywhere

Many students, especially those coming from out-of-state or internationally, do not have the luxury of attending open houses or admitted student events on campus. Instead of missing out on the chance to engage with these key demographics of students, you can bring the event to them.

5. Limitless Possibilities

The StudentBridge virtual events platform has essentially unlimited uses, either for entirely virtual events or as a virtual supplement to an in-person event. Just a few ideas include:

  • Open Houses
  • Accepted Student Days
  • Orientation
  • Alumni Engagement Events
  • Student Activities Fairs
  • Student/Faculty Research Showcases
  • Homecoming Activities
  • Commencement

Think you could benefit from one of these events, or have a great idea that's not listed here? Let's chat!

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