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Increasing Engagement Between Application Submissions and Decision Releases

StudentBridge Staff August, 3, 2022

Admissions offices are great at composing email and social media campaigns around this time, reminding applicants about deadlines and everything they need to send in as application deadlines approach.

But after hitting "submit," prospective students are playing a waiting game. Read on for some ways to continue engaging with your applicants during this time, and help your institution stand out when it comes time for admitted students to decide where they will be attending.

1. Intriguing Emails

Applicants are probably tired of getting emails with the same information from every institution, so make your emails stand out with content other than how to submit their transcript, eye-catching graphics and video. Once prospective students have applied, continue to build a relationship with them through emails about student life or academic programs, so your school is at the top of their mind when it comes time to decide where to attend.

2. Interactive Maps

Many applicants choose to tour a campus only after they have been admitted to the school. But, there is no reason you cannot give applicants an inside look of your campus with a virtual interactive map as they are waiting for their decision letter. Encouraging prospective students to virtually explore your campus keeps them engaged and allows them to feel connected to your school.

3. Social Media Campaigns

Whether you release decisions all at once or you have a rolling admissions process, your institution can use social media to build excitement among applicants. The possibilities are endless for how to continue connecting with applicants on social media during this time, from highlighting a different popular location on campus every week to asking current students about their favorite memory from their first year of college.

While this time of year is extremely busy within admissions offices, a few small engagement efforts can go a long way in forming a connection with applicants and making your school stand out.

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