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How to engage families of admitted students

StudentBridge Staff November, 16, 2021
How to engage families of admitted students

Engage families and supporters like never before with our latest family engagement features — now part of our Accepted Student Experience.


Getting accepted into a college or university is an exciting moment for prospective students. Are you doing enough to make that moment truly special? 

Institutions historically rely on mailing a letter home to get the word out, which makes students wait unnecessarily long to get the news and can feel impersonal. Not to mention “snail mail” can be costly and unreliable. 

Some institutions have branched out to email as another means of letting students know if they were accepted or admitted, but — after all the hard work prospective students put into their academics, extracurriculars, and applications — this too can leave much to be desired. 

That’s why an increasing number of institutions use StudentBridge's Accepted Student Experience to make the moment truly memorable. The solution makes it easy for institutions to send the good news via text message, support students by highlighting important resources and next steps, and track engagement to help inform follow-up while also empowering students to share their excitement using AR filters, hashtags, banners, and more. 

Since launching in 2019, we’ve partnered with more than 350 institutions to send 500,000 mobile acceptance letters. And we’re not stopping there. 


Introducing our new family engagement features — designed to help turn the moment of acceptance into a full-blown celebration a student’s entire support system can take part in. 

With a simple tap, accepted students can now share their good news with family, friends, and other supporters. A templated text message with a supporter-specific link is automatically generated so students just have to select the appropriate recipient(s) and hit send! 

1. Engage families with a unique mobile experience

Families and other supporters often play a key role in the application, research, and decision-making processes. Make the moment of acceptance extra special and informative for them by sending a mobile welcome letter and sharing relevant information and links, such as details about upcoming events, campus tour offerings, and the office of parent support. This is also a great opportunity to invite them to connect with your institution on social media or join any relevant community groups. And don’t forget to add a link to stock up on your institution’s swag!


2. Drum up excitement for parents and students

Who doesn’t want to share good news? Make it easy and fun for family and others to show their support and share the excitement on social media with custom branded social lenses for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.


3. Collect parent and guardian contact information

Amplify your engagement efforts during this critical stage by easily collecting contact information for parents and guardians, including names, emails, and phone numbers. Then keep them engaged throughout the journey by sending reminders and outlining action items, next steps, and deadlines.

The journey to getting into a college or university is a communal one and shouldn’t end for supporters once the acceptance letter is sent. With the new family share feature, everyone can celebrate!


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