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The Benefits of Video-Enhanced Lead Generation for Universities

StudentBridge Staff |Nov 23, 2021

Video-enhanced lead generation is one of the best strategies for universities to use in their efforts to recruit students. University video marketing can be used as a powerful tool for capturing attention and delivering an effective message. Video-enhanced lead generation provides many benefits, and today, we are taking a look at some of the biggest ones.

What Is Video Marketing Lead Generation?

Video-enhanced lead generation, in the context of university video marketing, takes video content and supplements it with a call to action that, when combined, helps to pull in prospective students.

In video marketing campaigns, video is used as an effective way to grab attention from your target audience quickly. In addition to this, videos can provide valuable information about how students will spend time at school or the benefits they receive for attending. Videos are also extremely shareable across multiple platforms like social media sites which gives universities even more exposure.

The Benefits of Lead Generation With Video for Universities

Attracting More Applicants: If you want more applicants than ever before, then video enhanced lead generation may be exactly what you need! By creating informational videos that offer value, you can attract more applicants than ever before. High-school students crave video-based content, and you need to meet them where they are.

Creating Brand Awareness: There is no doubt video marketing is an effective way for universities to get their name out there. Through video-enhanced lead generation, you can create awareness about your institution, which will also help prospective students learn more about what makes it unique and stand apart from competitors in the surrounding area or even across the country.

Increasing Engagement: By utilizing video-enhanced lead generation campaigns, universities can increase engagement with viewers by providing them with valuable information they are looking for while offering something of value back in return like a free trial or e-book that has been downloaded thousands of times before! This process increases brand loyalty as well because when someone views one video on your site, chances are they will end up viewing others too.

Raising Conversion Rates: Universities' video marketing campaigns can help to increase the conversion rate of viewers by providing them with video content that is engaging and informative. When you create video-enhanced lead generation for your university, it allows prospective students the opportunity to see what life will be like through their eyes in an authentic way which helps make a lasting impression on who may end up attending in the future!

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