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Showcasing Authentic Student Voices Through Video

Lauren Cunningham |Jul 20, 2021

College students are no longer the homogenous group they once were. The number of exceptions to the straight-from-high-school, full-time college student narrative is growing every day, yet most videos used by admissions offices still reflect the journey of the traditional college freshman.

So, how can you ensure that your media accurately reflects the different types of students on your campus?

Highlight Growing Groups

There are more “non-traditional” students at colleges and universities than ever, and this should be reflected accordingly in your video content. The adult learner population (aged 25-34) is expected to increase 21% by 2022 and there will be a 20% increase in transfer students by 2025.

These groups have different needs and expectations than typical first-year students —videos discussing topics like freshman dorm rooms are not applicable to their situation. Make sure you showcase the amenities and services tailored to transfers and adult students so they are aware that your institution welcomes students like them!

Don’t Forget About Different Experiences

The student experience on your campus will vary greatly depending on each person’s responsibilities, involvements and backgrounds. Your student-athletes, commuter students and first generation students will all face unique challenges and view your institution through different lenses based on their individual circumstances. You can give all prospective students someone to relate to by ensuring the students highlighted in your video content speak to a wide range of experiences.

For example, consider featuring the stories of:

Use Authentic Video Styles

The best way to attract all types of students through your video is to make sure the stories shared are authentic and unscripted. Prospective students can get a good idea of what their time on campus would look like when they hear stories from people like them. There are 4 types of video that convey authenticity best.

Day in the Life Videos.

Having different students walk through their typical day on campus shows prospective students exactly how they would fit into your community. It gives an inside glance into student life from many different perspectives. This style is the number one thing prospective students want to see on your social media.

Student Takeovers.

Allow current students to take over your social media, commonly Instagram stories, for a few hours for an unmoderated, live Q&A session. Prospective students can get their questions answered from people who have experienced exactly what they are asking about!

Favorite Places on Campus.

Tools like My Five Faves can help your admissions office highlight diverse voices by having students show off their top 5 favorite spaces on campus. Bonus: the more diverse the students you choose are, the more campus spots you’ll be able to show off!

Student-Shot Footage.

Nothing says authentic quite like a shaky iPhone video! While you may think your video needs to be high quality in every instance, prospective students actually enjoy lower quality footage when it is clear it was filmed by a student, because it portrays a more accurate depiction of the student experience.

Need help incorporating a wider range of student types and experiences into your videos? StudentBridge can help! Schedule a meeting today to learn more.