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Content that Drives Conversions

Lauren Cunningham |Oct 25, 2021

Video content plays a crucial role in recruiting new students to your campus. It provides a chance to showcase your institution’s programs, amenities, traditions and extracurriculars. Perhaps even more importantly, good videos can serve as a driver to convert prospective students into applicants, and admitted students into enrolled students.

Read on for tips to ensure you are making the most of your video’s conversion capabilities.

Focus on What Students Want.

Back in February we wrote a blog on the Top 5 Most-Watched Campus Videos. These categories focus on the information that prospective students are searching for when they engage with your content. Helping students easily find what they are looking for will increase your chances of conversion. These topics include:

  1. Residence Life
  2. Day-in-the-Life
  3. Student Life
  4. Traditions
  5. Events and Activities

Use Current Students.

While Day-in-the-Life videos are the second most popular overall, they take the top spot for social media content. No one can build a personal connection with prospective students quite like current students can, so use this to your advantage! When video watchers can see themselves in the people they see on the screen, they are much more likely to research your institution further.

Keep it Short.

Teens and adult learners today are constantly distracted while online. While it can be tempting to load videos with all of the great information your institution wants prospective students to know, it is best to keep videos short and to the point. In fact, 80% of prospective students won’t watch a video longer than 3 minutes. Several shorter, more focused videos will be more beneficial than a single long one.

Update Your Content.

When prospective students watch your videos, they expect them to have current information, and some will keep coming back for it: 46% of prospective students have watched a video from a school they are interested in, in the past week. Make sure students who are constantly interacting with your content are getting the most up-to-date information possible from it.

Stand Out.

Online ads are commonplace for colleges and universities. Three quarters of students in the college search process remember seeing online ads, but only 56% of those students report clicking on an ad to learn more, and almost half report that seeing an ad had no impact on their impression of the institution. To make your ads more engaging, use unique video content that prospective students will remember, and be interested in learning more about.

For more information on creating video content that is sure to convert, connect with StudentBridge today.