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Recruiting and Retention Strategies for Higher Education Institutions
August 10, 2016 Hosts: Jonathan Clues, Stone Payton, and Lee Kantor

In an interview with Lee Kantor and Stone Payton, hosts and managing partners of Business RadioX in Atlanta, Jonathan Clues, Founder and Vice Chairman of StudentBridge Inc. discusses the challenges that colleges and universities face when recruiting students. Sharing insight on the emotions and overall gestalt involved in making a life-changing decision, Clues taps into the top tools and resources needed to help guide the process. In the interview, Clues also discusses the recent acquisition of Campus Bubble, a socially driven platform which, along with video and virtual tours,  provides students with a comprehensive overview of how they’ll fit in once enrolled, helping them to thrive, avoid attrition and graduate from the college they choose at the beginning. The new StudentBridge multimedia platform is slated to change the landscape of the higher education admission’s process and help aid the trillion-dollar student debt crisis.

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