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StudentBridge Acquires Campus Bubble
October 24, 2016

ATLANTA – October 24, 2016 - StudentBridge, a company specializing in the production of high-end multimedia packages and virtual tours of college campuses recently announced the acquisition of Campus Bubble, a cross-platform social networking application that maximizes engagement after students receive their letters of acceptance. For more than a decade, StudentBridge has been creating online emotional experiences for college applicants that showcase the true culture and feel of a campus. Short and impactful videos, branded school information, and virtual tours packaged and delivered on the college or university’s website allow prospective students to be virtually transported to campuses worldwide during their research phase. This unique experience has proven successful in helping colleges such as Boston University, LSU, Georgia State University, and more than 100 others increase inquiries and applications, convert online browsers into in-person visitors, and ultimately, enroll students who stay.


The addition of Campus Bubble’s technology into the StudentBridge suite of solutions takes the user experience to an entirely new level of personalization and engagement, especially popular with GenZ. Students are driven to their own personalized websites in a Facebook-like setting, delivering content specific to their interests. Once accepted into a particular school, they receive an invitation to The Bubble, a private social network exclusive to that school. Here, students can make friends, explore campus life, find a roommate, interact with faculty, and build a sense of belonging that helps them make the emotional decision to enroll. On the client side, the Insight Dashboard provides a powerful analytics and enrollment score for each student, allowing schools to focus their high-touch enrollment efforts on students who express the most interest, increasing college yield and reducing melt. The combined experience guides prospective students from application to acceptance while giving higher education institutions a controlled way to closely monitor student engagement.


The platform is slated to change the landscape of the college admissions’ process by creating a better student/college fit, according to StudentBridge Founder and Vice-Chairman, Jonathan Clues. “We need to do a better job of converting visitors into applicants, driving in-person visits, retaining students, and ultimately shaping the talent pool to keep the right students at the right institutions and keep our higher education institutions thriving.”

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